Fat Acid

Born in the United States, raised in the Netherlands and now living in Switzerland, Fat Acid has always had an interest in mixed environments. His music and DJ sets are the product of these cultural influences.

Playing several instruments, he was part of a funk band where he discovered the flavor of groove, performing Stevie Wonder's songs. He developed such a taste for these funky lines that it wasn't something he was going to get rid of so easily.

The trance and a glimpse of techno was then accompanied by a major Dutch influence, Dj Tiesto. It was only after settling in a peaceful country, dotted with flowers and banks, called Switzerland, that his Czech friend revealed to him the dark side of the frequency range of human hearing, the power of techno music and its spicy spread of genres.

Since then, this passion for heavy bass and groovy rhythms has become the "Red Line" of his music production, as much as for his DJ sets, and allowed him to join the Flashcut label in Fribourg in 2009.