Breakfast in Chicago

Breakfast In Chicago is an invitation, after a long evening, to breakfast on the terrace facing Lake Michigan.

Break was born and raised in Nantes where, from a very young age, music has rocked her life. Worn out of seeing these pots all dented with wooden forks, his mother-in-law quickly bought him drum lessons. This first contact with music really changed his life....

After a "classical" curriculum and obtaining the National Superior Professional Diploma from Musician to Euphonium*, he took a new path clearly more boom-boom oriented than mimimi.

The long nights when the energy of a crowd pierced his soul with multiple emotions left their mark on his life forever. So much so that, since then, he has been passionate about the strength that motivates people to dance for hours. He is keen to help them escape into this trance with lightning-fast kicks, biting snares and brilliant counter-weathers.

Used to turntables with linksilver, kilos have been built in houses, parks, islands ... BiC is confident about the future.

*« the universe tends to reveal itself as it should »