We are a label and collective with international background, with each member pursuing their dreams and goals by realising their creative projects in a solid group. Djs, Producers, Artists, designers, IT and passionate organizers are all part of Ecutsa. (astuce!) WHEN WE WERE BORN

With good vibes it was born from the inside out. In 2015/16 in Nantes, France, Ecutsa was created and imagined by Yohann (linksilver) and friends who make music, the association was created with the goal to „spread all types of cultures”. WHAT WE DO

We do arts, networking, managing ecutsa as a music label, organizing events, booking artists, information technology, design and graphic design. Our first passion that drove us together is music and events where we can share a space of welcoming individual energy. Sharing art is meaningful to us. We create a space of entire freedom: artists are given artistic freedom for their performances. Not only the collective is making this happen but everyone who participates with joy such as collaborators and everyone who wants to get in with us on the (dance)floor. HOW WE DO IT

By appreciating and supporting our DJs and releasing tracks we get motivated to share those vibes with the world. This also comes with artists that have a talent that should not be kept hidden in our eyes. Internally we do this by using free licensed softwares or publishing under free license. Keep on track with our latest events. WHY WE DO IT

Each and every person has goals, dreams and talents. Our goal is to rassemble (gather), share and to make it happen. The international side of Ecutsa makes us see the world within different horizons, in which we have a solid base of respect. Freedom of expression for all.

capitalism is not stable, let’s hack it.